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Your teeth change and develop as you grow. Teeth can grow in crooked if there is too much, or not enough space in your mouth for teeth to grow. This can result in malocclusions such as overbites or underbites occuring. In some cases, severe malocclusions can disrupt proper speech or eating.

At our Clarkston and Waterford practice, we routinely investigate a patient’s bite and teeth for malocclusions during regular checkups. Once a malocclusion has been diagnosed, we treat the problem with corrective orthodontics. Braces can get rid of malocclusions and crooked teeth for good. Orthodontics are a form of dentistry that can treat crooked teeth or poor bites that have developed as early as childhood.

We offer traditional metal braces, clear braces and aligners (such as Invisalign©). All of these work by providing gentle, constant pressure on crooked teeth until they shift into the correct position. Each of these techniques have advantages and disadvantages that we can discuss with you.

Patients that are looking for braces in Waterford and Clarkston can be assured that no matter the solution, you can expect every treatment that we offer to be highly effective. Suffering from poor bites, crooked teeth or malocclusions? Don’t hesitate to look for the best solution possible. Contact us today to discover how we can help you get the row of beautiful, straight and even teeth that you’ve always dreamed of.

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