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Periodontitis (also known as gum disease) and gingivitis (gum inflammation) are common problems that affect one out of two Americans today. In other words, that’s half of the population that is suffering from some form of gum disease.

Gum Disease occurs in people whose genetic resistance cannot overcome factors such as inadequate oral homecare, infrequent dental visits and tobacco usage. Gum Disease is a bacterial infection. If left untreated, the underlying bones and gum tissue degenerates and can no longer support your teeth. Gingivitis and Gum Disease also may cause bad breath and have been linked to multiple health problems such as higher rates of Heart Attacks and Strokes, problems with pregnancies, and difficulties controlling diabetes.

Periodontics is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect the gums and bone, and there are many ways that Dr. Wright can treat gum disease, restoring your gums to a healthy state.

No matter the severity, these issues can be dealt with comfortably in our office. Along with the necessary treatment, we will spend time counselling you on ways to reduce your Periodontitis by affecting changes at home.

If you need more information about Periodontics in Clarkston and Waterford, contact us today.

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