Clarkston and Waterford Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

We understand (perhaps more than most people realize) that it can be tough being in the dentist’s chair. Many patients would rather endure a painful toothache for weeks on end, than step inside our practice in Waterford and Clarkston. The truth is this: there is absolutely nothing to fear.

Contemporary advancements in sedation dentistry have allowed dentists to carry out dental procedures, efficiently, safely and comfortably. Our Clarkston and Waterford sedation dentistry can and will ensure that even the most anxious of patients will remain calm and feel comfortable and safe in the dentist’s chair.

We provide a number of sedation options for our patients, and prescribe them according to the patient’s needs, what he or she is comfortable with, and the complexity of the procedure. This means, that yes, we take your input into account.

For more minor procedures, patients can be prescribed oral sedatives that help lower anxiety levels and increase feelings of calm and relaxation. Sedatives such as Valium or Halcion are given in the form of a small pill. Once a patient consumes the sedative, he or she will be aware of his or her surroundings throughout the whole procedure, but they will remain relaxed and calm. The type of drug chosen, as well as the dosage is carefully selected depending on the complexity of the procedure and a patient’s needs.

Nitrous oxide is also an option for our patients, more commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is ideal for young children. During sedation, patients will experience a gentle, tingling feeling in their extremities, increased body warmth, and the sensation of floating. Dr. Wright also has complete control over the dosage, allowing the perfect, tailored experience.

A patient’s pervasive fear of the dentist can be alleviated by something as small and effective as a pill, or a dose of laughing gas. A calm patient will allow Dr. Wright to perform dental procedures more quickly and effectively, thereby decreasing the time and cost that would normally be needed.

If you need more information about Sedation Dentistry in Clarkston and Waterford, contact us today.

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